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Top Wellness Podcast: Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing | SilverCloud Health

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    March 1, 2022

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Improving one's mental health plays a key role in the betterment of their overall peace of mind and clarity. With the various ways to take care of and improve our mental health and state of wellbeing, there are unique options out there that one can explore. Listening to a wellness podcast is an excellent way to learn more in-depth about mental health challenges and common interventions.  

Given that they are both handy and accessible, podcasts tend to be an ideal medium in which people can feel more empowered, involved, and entertained. There are a variety of podcasts available that feature different types of dialogue, subjects, and interests. At SilverCloud Health, we provide podcasts that cover a range of wellness topics for a variety of individuals.   

Some will share the direct personal experience of people who reveal knowledge about their current or past experiences. These types of podcasts not only provide helpful learnings but unique perspectives. In our podcast, Building a Proactive Wellbeing Programme for Remote Employees, SilverCloud Health experts meet with Rosie France, the Health and Wellbeing Manager at Thrive Tribe and Workplace Health Facilitator at Thriving Workplaces. Rosie shares her experience of supporting health and wellbeing issues in Norfolk workplaces. 

You can listen to Rosie’s insight and guidance on building a proactive wellbeing programme for remote employees here:  

There are other podcast episodes in which we cover more holistic topics on improving mental health and finding balance in your life. These kinds of podcasts are much more informative and give steps one can take to achieve the desired goal. Usually, they act as a source of inspiration and nudge you to evaluate your thoughts and actions. In this episode of our podcast, Creating Good Mental Health is About Creating Balance in Your Life, Dr. John Sharry, Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Co-Founder of SilverCloud Health, discusses the intricate balance between work, relationships, and one's self.  

You can listen to John as he uses the metaphor of a three-legged stool to describe the importance of maintaining balance in life here:  

SilverCloud also covers topics addressing advancements of technology and innovations in the mental health world. Over the last few years, the use of technology has drastically increased and expanded. In our podcast episode, Treating Complex Patients with Digital Therapy, SilverCloud speaks with Miriam Grover, a Principle Cognitive Psychotherapist for the Specialist Psychotherapy Service in East London Foundation Trust. In this episode, Miriam addresses the impact of COVID-19 on the healthcare industry and the increased need for innovations.  

You can listen to Miriam’s discussion on streamlining quality and comprehensive healthcare with technological innovations here:  

Mental health podcasts differ by focus, topics covered, and hosts. It is important to note that while podcasts can provide helpful insight and practical strategies for taking care of your mental health and wellbeing, they should not be substituted for therapy or other evidence-based solutions.  

SilverCloud Health is the leading global provider of evidence-based mental health and wellbeing solutions. Gain additional wellness insight and expert perspectives by viewing SilverCloud Health’s blogs on mental health, resilience, and more.    


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