On-demand digital health tools

A comprehensive array of digital tools empowering providers to enhance the patient experience. 

SilverCloud® by Amwell® digital tools are designed to deliver patients additional support throughout their care journey with immediate access to digital tools and engaging, collaborative sessions, all whilst reducing admin work for clinicians.


Tools for Therapy

Enhance Virtual Therapy Sessions

With Tools for Therapy, services can deliver an enhanced patient experience by offering more interactive and collaborative sessions.

Tools for Therapy allows services and organisations to breakdown the digital wall in remote therapy sessions and increase in-session collaboration and easily share and store session work in one secure and confidential place that both therapist and patient can access. 

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Digital Referral

Streamlining Mental Health Support

Digital Referral provides users a digital, self-referral pathway to SilverCloud® by Amwell® programmes using the patient management systems iaptus or PCMIS to capture and share patient record data securely.  

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Self-Management Toolkit

Provide patients with the support they need while waiting for additional care

The Self-Management Toolkit provides content and tools to patients with mild or moderate symptoms of common mental health conditions. The toolkit helps patients better self-manage their mental health, navigate their symptoms and prepares them for therapeutic treatment while waiting for additional support from their care provider. 

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Clinically verified

  • Up to 80% of participants show improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms.

  • 93% users satisfaction.

  • Up to 65% recovery rate.*

  • Helped over 1M+ users think and feel better.

  • Trusted by 600+ organisations

We are committed to increasing access to mental health care while lowering cost of care across the globe

Demand for mental health support has never been higher, putting an increased strain on organisations and the people who work for them. SilverCloud digital mental health programmes offer a cost-effective, accessible and measurable approach to improving the mental wellbeing of everyone in your organisation. 

It's never been more vital to invest in the future of mental health.
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