Evidence Based Digital Mental Health Support For Children and Young People

Supporting services to provide clinically proven and measured digital mental health programmes. Trusted by the NHS.

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Transforming Childen and Young People's Mental Health

SilverCloud® by Amwell® is the leading global platform of evidence-based behavioural and mental health solutions, delivered digitally and at scale to support young people's mental health.​

Our digital behavioural health and wellbeing platform gives healthcare providers an effective way to offer a evidence-based service that leads the market in reducing clinical outcomes when supporting children's mental health. It covers prevention, assessment and treatment management with on-demand and clinically appropriate care for supporting children and young people's (CYP) mental health, whilst providing valuable tools to their families and carers 24/7.



A smart, measurable, and outcome focused mental health solution for children and young people.

SilverCloud® online mental health programmes provide a wide range of NICE Guideline informed specialist content, and clinically-proven congnitive behaviour therapy which deliver results comparable to traditional face-to-face counselling therapy. 

Each programme has multiple, specially designed modules, packed full of interactive content with practical advice, exercises and hints and tips aimed at children and young people coping with mental health.


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Transforming Children's Mental Health Services

Mental health among children and young people is on the rise, with anxiety now the most common mental health issue for children.[1] Long waiting times and over stretched services often mean these conditions go untreated.[2]

SilverCloud's digital mental health services offer digital help and support to children suffering with mental issues. Our digital tools help healthcare providers to cut through long waiting times and offer tangible results to patients

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Who can benefit from our CYP programmes


Empowered Care Providers

Clinicians are offered an evidence-based digital platform that ensures a measurable and outcome-focused approach, equipping them with a suite of tools that enhance the support for young people's mental health. With proven clinical outcomes and around-the-clock accessibility, they can optimise their approach, ensuring that children and young people receive the best possible support.

Healthcare Providers

Efficient Mental Health Solutions

With an ever-increasing demand for mental health services, especially post the COVID-19 pandemic,[3] healthcare providers can significantly extend their reach and efficiency. SilverCloud's platform allows healthcare providers to offer on-demand well-being, and mental health support for children, ensuring that even when resources are stretched, children and young people, and their families, receive the necessary mental health support, 24/7.


Tailored Children Mental Health Support

Children and young people benefit from a user-friendly platform that provides them with an array of specially-designed, interactive content. Each module is packed with practical advice, exercises, and hints, ensuring they receive robust mental health support that's comparable to traditional therapy. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, resilience, or sleep issues, there's a mental health programme for children suited to their needs.

Families & Carers

24/7 Reliable Support

Families and carers gain invaluable access to on-demand resources and expert advice, facilitating their understanding and ability to support children's mental well-being. These child and adolescent mental health services on the SilverCloud platform, offers tailored advice and self-guided resources that families and carers can utilise, ensuring they're well-equipped to guide young people through challenges.

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Carlisle Eden Mind Case Study

Case Study:
Carlisle Eden Mind's Successful
Integration of Digital Therapy

Carlisle Eden Mind (CE Mind), a prominent charity in Cumbria, has leveraged the power of digital therapy through SilverCloud® by Amwell® to enhance their mental health support for children and young people. 

Despite logistical challenges due to Cumbria's vast geography and the stigma surrounding mental health, the introduction of SilverCloud's platform has allowed CE Mind to triple their outreach, catering to nearly 90 young individuals at any given time. 

SilverCloud’s digital therapy provides convenient, clinically proven support tools that are efficient and cost-effective, helping children and young people explore and understand their mental health issues.

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SilverCloud's evidence-based mental health support courses

  • Up to 80% of participants show improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms.

  • Proven to treat 4X the members at ¼ the cost of face-to-face therapy.

  • 65% of users achieve clinically significant improvement.

  • 93% users satisfaction.

  • Helped over 1M+ users think and feel better.

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Clinically-proven to help deliver better mental health for children and young people

The SilverCloud® platform is a world-leading evidence-based mental health and wellbeing platform, offering tailored mental health support, expert advice, and self-guided resources for children, young people and their families and carers’ whenever it’s needed.

Simple to use and always on hand, the SilverCloud® platform offers a one-to-one digital experience suited to the personal needs of users 24/7 from their own devices.

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On-demand mental health and wellbeing support even when resources are stretched

Even before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for mental health support for children and young people had never been greater, putting a serious strain on existing mental health and support services.

Together we can help to increase access and improve clinical outcomes through scalable and clinically proven mental health services tailored to children, young people and their families and carers' needs.

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The solution: Mental health support for healthcare providers and their patients 24/7

A measurable and evidence-based digital mental health and wellbeing solution focussed on reducing clinical outcomes and increasing access through scalable and clinically proven solutions.​

With the SilverCloud® platform people who need support get immediate, 24/7 access to a suite of interactive digital content addressing a wide range of mental health issues faced by children and young people, including sleep, resilience, depression and anxiety. There’s a programme for every child or young person - all proven to help people feel better, quickly.

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NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended four digital technologies, including SilverCloud® by Amwell® designed to help children and young people manage symptoms of anxiety and low mood for use within the NHS.

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