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Our wellbeing programmes provide the skills necessary to better manage everyday issues that affect your emotional and overall wellbeing. 

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Interactive, Practical, and Personalised Wellbeing Programmes

These programmes provide participants with tools and strategies to create small behavioural changes that allow them to reduce stress and increase resilience through various techniques drawn from Positive Psychology.

Supported or self-guided options available.

Who we can help


Health systems

Scale mental health services with on-demand access to evidence-based care to support your patients’ with their wellbeing, mental health, chronic conditions, substance use, and family.

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Health plans

Whole mental health care for your members, clients and their employees through a suite of quality support through evidence-based, clinically validated mental health programmes and tools.

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Leverage the most trusted digital, on-demand platform for your employee’s mental health and wellbeing.

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Higher education

Deliver digital, on-demand  mental health and wellbeing programmes to help meet the needs of your faculty and entire student population – anywhere, anytime.

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Mental Health Programmes

SilverCloud® Mental Health programmes help users better understand their thoughts, feelings  and behaviours, using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Participants will discover how they can make positive changes that are proven to reduce symptoms and increase overall wellbeing.


Stress Programme

This programme is designed to help users manage and reduce their current symptoms of stress, while developing resilience against stressful experiences in the future.

Using CBT techniques, individuals will learn to better understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and learn how to make positive changes to help better manage stress.



Resilience Programme

Resilience is the capacity to face, overcome, and even be strengthened by difficult experiences.

Individuals will be educated on the five domains of resilience (purpose, self, connections, body,
and mind). They will analyse their current levels of resilience in each of these areas and learn the benefits of setting goals and practising mindfulness for resilience.



Covid-19 Programme

Our Covid-19 programme helps people acknowledge that it is normal to feel anxious or low in the face of a global crisis.

With quick access to practical tools and strategies, this programme will assist individuals in dealing with difficult emotions and situations during a challenging time.



Money Worries Programme

The MMHPI suggests that changing thinking patterns and behaviours around money could help to provide a lasting fix to the vicious cycle of financial difficulty and mental health

Using CBT, our Money Worries programme has been designed to better manage the participant’s relationship between financial difficulties and poor mental health.

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Clinically verified

  • Up to 80% of participants show improvement in depression and anxiety symptoms.

  • 93% users satisfaction.

  • Up to 65% recovery rate.*

  • Helped over 1M+ users think and feel better.

  • Trusted by 600+ organisations

Providing Clinically Proven Programmes

Backed by nearly two decades of clinical research, our team of mental health experts deliver successful outcomes with the market’s most robust evidence-based behavioural change programmes.  


Stress Programme

The Stress Programme is for those who are looking to manage and reduce their current stress, develop resilience and skills to find balance, and understand how sleep, exercise, diet, and relationships impact stress.

Throughout the programme, individuals will be guided to reflect on and develop their own strengths and skills, while increasing their ability to cope with stressful situations. Within the programme, individuals will be introduced to a variety of mindfulness exercises encouraging them to focus on the present moment.

Individuals will learn about creating goals for motivation, problem-solving for dealing with stressful situations, and time management to determine the importance and urgency of tasks to overcome procrastination. They will also better understand the impact of exercise, diet, sleep and relationships on stress levels and techniques to assist in improving these areas.


Resilience Programme

Our Resillience Programme is for who are looking to recognise and promote their values and passions, improve self-esteem and self-worth, and develop a more balanced and optimistic way of thinking.

Individuals are encouraged to recognise their values and passions and how to incorporate these into their everyday lives. They will also learn the importance of finding a balance between the various roles they play in different areas of their life, and how they can combine these roles with their values and passions.

Participants can also learn how their thoughts can lead to balanced optimism and gratitude, as opposed to negative or distorted thinking. They will learn about the consequences of pessimistic thinking, while developing the skills to notice, evaluate and change their thinking.

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Explore our content library and find the tools and resources to improve your population's wellbeing and mental health. Your one-stop-shop for digital mental health resources - from podcasts to our latest case studies and whitepapers.

Our research partners

With research partners across the world,  digital health science and evidence are in our DNA.

Digital mental health resources

Explore our content library and find the tools and resources to improve your population's wellbeing and mental health.
Your one-stop-shop to digital mental health resources - from podcasts to our latest case studies and whitepapers.


Covid-19 Programme

Our Covid-19 Programme is for those who are looking to develop coping strategies like relaxation exercises and self-care, implement healthy sleep hygiene techniques, and learn practical strategies for grieving and financial
worries during the time of a crisis.

Participants will gain emotional coping strategies, along with solutions for maintaining wellbeing in a time of crisis such as self-care routines, staying connected, prioritisation, hope, and resilience. They will also develop strategies to proactively build and maintain new routines such as time management and activity scheduling.

The programme focuses on techniques and tools for managing areas including - Sleep, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Grief and Loss and Money Worries.


Money Worries Programme

Our Money Worries Programme is for those who are looking to gain tools to understand and manage the relationship between their financial stress and mental health, gain tools to improve financial behaviour, and develop coping techniques to combat financial stress and depression.

Participants will develop an understanding of the relationship between their finances and their mental health, while learning to normalise their problems and reduce their shame and self-criticism. Using graded exposure, participants will be encouraged to face their fears and become more assertive and in control when it comes to managing their finances.

Included within the programme, participants can learn how worry can further enhance anxiety and unhelpful financial behaviours. They will also learn to recognise real vs. hypothetical worries, and how to challenge negative thoughts and prevent impulse spending.

We cover developing techniques for lasting results to reduce the risk of impulse spending and prevent future relapse. Participants will also be guided to map out their support network to mitigate the impact of financial stresses on depression.

Engaging People with a Secure, Private and
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Delivered digitally, our Wellbeing programmes offer a cost-effective approach to
better managing everyday challenges.

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