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The role of digital interventions in treating addictive behaviours

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Wednesday 4th September 2024 I 11 am BST 

Explore how Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are using digital to treat addictive behaviours. 


Addictive behaviours, including gambling addiction, substance and alcohol abuse, present complex challenges to individuals and healthcare systems. Traditional treatment methods have proven effective but are often limited by issues of accessibility, stigma, and resource constraints. Digital interventions, like SilverCloud® by Amwell®, have been proven as powerful tools to address these limitations, offering scalable, flexible, and accessible solutions for those in need. 

 Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (MPFT) utilises the SilverCloud® platform to support their treatment of gambling addiction and substance and alcohol abuse within their services. These prevalent forms of addictive behaviours can severely impact an individual's mental, physical, and social well-being. SilverCloud® by Amwell® supports services by helping patients to become more aware of their relationship with addiction, the benefits of cutting back or quitting and gain the tools to address addiction through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  

In this webinar Paul Evans and Jacqueline Howard  of MPFT will join Douglas Hiscock to explore the transformative role of digital interventions in the treatment of these addictive behaviours and how they have leveraged the SilverCloud® platform to offer more personalised and immediate support to those struggling with addiction. 

 This live webinar will look at:   

  • The prevalence of, and challenges associated with addictive behaviours such as gambling addicition, substance and alcohol abuse. 
  • The role of the SilverCloud® in MPFTs treatment of addictive behaviours and their integration of the platform into existing treatment frameworks.  
  • Examples and use cases already being implemented in Midlands Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust.  

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NHS Scotland has pioneered the use of digital to support patients with specialised mental health needs by implementing the SilverCloud ® platform into their care pathways. This webinar will unpack the NHS Scotland story and how they are helping people with Long-Term Conditions manage their mental health, as well as families during the Perinatal period.  

We will be joined by Chris Wright, National Advisor for Digital Mental Health, Scottish Government and Douglas Hiscock CPsychol, Behavioural Health Lead, Amwell for an in-depth discussion on how digital can support these patient groups. 

Long Terms Conditions  

Common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are two to three times more likely to occur in people with physical long-term conditions compared with the general population. Being diagnosed with a long-term condition can have a profound and multidimensional impact on an individual’s life. NHS Scotland have been utilising the SilverCloud platforms programmes to support people with Long Term Conditions such as Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Heart Conditions and Lung Conditions. This has allowed the services to provide care to a dispersed population and provide support support in context of high levels of demand for specialist psychology resource. We will hear more from Chris Wright about some of the results, outcomes and challenges faced by NHS Scotland with this patient group 

Perinatal Mental Health  

Mental health issues during the perinatal period, pregnancy and one year after childbirth, are common. Approximately 10-20% of women in the UK experience mental health issues such as depression during pregnancy. Pregnancy complications such as miscarriage increase this risk of mental health issues during perinatal period. Families need prompt access to evidence-based treatment to improve outcomes. NHS Scotland will unpack how they are utilising the SilverCloud platform to support families during the perinatal period.