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Top Podcasts of the Month: Mental Health Support for Parents and Children

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    January 25, 2023

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    podcast, CYP mental health, child and adolescent mental health, parental burnout, Perinatal mental health

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 Improving one's mental health plays a key role in the betterment of their overall peace of mind and clarity. With the various ways to take care of and improve our mental health and state of wellbeing, there are unique options out there that one can explore. Listening to a wellness podcast is an excellent way to learn more in-depth about mental health challenges and common interventions.

The convenience and accessibility of podcasts makes it a medium that can help people feel empowered, involved, and entertained. Whether you're interested in specific topics or simply want to enjoy different forms of dialogue, there is something for everyone when it comes to podcasting. Here at Amwell, we are proud to contribute our own series of CBTalks podcasts  focused on promoting overall wellness among individuals from all walks of life.

For those seeking to gain a variety of perspectives, podcasts offer an invaluable resource. Through conversational interviews with people who have shared their stories, listeners can benefit from learning about a person's current or past experiences. Not only do these topics provide interesting information, but they also offer useful advice as well.

Podcasts are a great resource, especially useful to families who want to learn more about important topics. From fostering healthy relationships to relieving stress and worry, podcasts can offer invaluable advice that can be put into practice. Not only do they help us understand our individual issues better, but also give us effective methods to tackle them both immediately as well as in the long run. In addition, podcasts serve as an inspirational source when we feel like making positive changes in our lives. 

Learn more about the SilverCloud® On-Demand Family Mental Health Programmes.

On episode 20 of the CBTalkspodcast, Dr Jorge Palacios has an insightful chat with Marcel Somerville about how the media can affect one's mental health, as well as what it is like to become a parent. Before his long-standing fame on ITV's Love Island, many may remember him from the 00s boy band Blazen' Squad. His appearance on the third series of Love Island catapulted him into the public spotlight.

The episode delves into Marcel's journey through life - from the discouraging incidents of childhood, to celebrity status and now being a parent. Even further, it addresses how his mental health has been impacted along with the way.

You can listen to the CBTalks podcast episode, “Mental Health: Love Island and Parenthood” here:


When it comes to managing stress and anxiety, podcasts can be an important source of knowledge. We have several episodes dedicated to helping people improve their mental health, offering advice on how to make meaningful changes both in the short and long term. These episodes are not only great for providing tips and resources, but they can also serve as a source of inspiration when one is trying to assess their thoughts and decisions.

In episode 14 of the CBTalks podcast, SilverCloud programmes user, Eva Slabejova joins talks about her experience with anxiety during pregnancy. The two touch on Eva's journey and how SilverCloud programmes have helped her along the way. Eva also discusses and outlines her personal journey using the SilverCloud Space for Perinatal programme.

You can listen to the CBTalks podcast episode, “Managing Mental Health During Pregnancy” here:

Families can greatly benefit from making podcasts a part of their everyday life. Through tuning into these audio experiences, parents can become more aware of how to support their children’s mental health along with helpful tools and resources available, such as the SilverCloud Children and Young People Mental Health Programme. Additionally, listening to interesting and educational podcasts can offer children guidance and insight to strive towards positive changes and long-term solutions.

On this special podcast episode two experts on the burgeoning mental health crisis among young people - Dr. Anthony Sossong, Chief M.D. of Behavioural Health at Amwell, and Dr. Katherine Young, Digital Health Scientist Amwell explore how to help mitigate the rising tide of adolescent mental illness and create a healthier future for our youth.

You can listen to the CBTalks podcast episode, “Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Adolescents” here:

When it comes to keeping up with your emotional wellbeing, there is no shortage of great resources. From podcasts to practical strategies and more, there are a wide variety of options to explore. That being said, one important caveat must be kept in mind: listening to a podcast should never replace professional help or evidence-based solutions.

As a leading provider of evidence-based mental health and wellbeing solutions, SilverCloud® by Amwell strives to bring the latest insight and expert perspectives on the ever-changing wellness landscape. Gain additional insights on mental health support for children and parents by viewing our blogs, designed to help readers stay informed and connected with their own journeys.

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