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The Top Mental Health Podcasts of the Month

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    September 9, 2022

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Mental health influences how an individual feels, thinks, and behaves throughout their lifetime. It impacts our ability to cope with stress, build healthy relationships, overcome challenges, and recover from life’s hardships. That said, strong mental health is not synonymous with an absence of mental health issues.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy encompasses far more than freedom from anxiety, depression, or other psychological challenges. Rather than the absence of mental health issues, psychological wellness refers to the presence of positive mental health implications. Given that mental health plays an integral role in every aspect of one’s life, it’s imperative to guard and improve mental and behavioural wellbeing using appropriate measures.

Building Mental Resilience and Strengthening Psychological Wellness

A strong and resilient mind allows an individual to better manage their thoughts and emotions when faced with stress and challenging situations. Mental resilience is defined as the ability to adapt to hardships, stress, emotional challenges, and mental health adversities. When faced with adversity, those who are resilient are able to persevere, despite the presence of anger, grief, and pain.

Adversity can come in many forms: financial worries, health issues, traumatic events, job loss, catastrophes, and more. Resilience is not about braving through these hardships and being stoical; in fact, being able to reach out and seek support is an integral part of being resilient. While no one is immune to experiencing these difficulties throughout their lifetime, there are tools and resources available to help one emotionally and mentally prepare for such events. Improving mental and behavioural health begins with a conscious effort to explore what tools, programmes, resources, and solutions are available.

Using Mental Health Podcasts as a Tool for Improved Wellbeing

While there are a variety of options out there to explore, mental health podcasts have grown in popularity over recent years. Mental health podcasts are becoming an effective way to discover more about mental health challenges and common interventions, given that many provide self-care tips as well as practical strategies for improving your overall wellbeing. Listeners also have the opportunity to learn from professional lectures, authors, psychologists, and mental health experts.

SilverCloud’s CBTalks Podcast features Dr. Jorge Palacios, senior digital health scientist at SilverCloud. In each episode, Dr. Palacios hosts a guest speaker who discusses various aspects of mental and behavioural health, including people’s personal mental health experiences, and also tips on how healthcare providers, employers, and insurers can best utilise digital mental health to support the needs of their clients.

Money Worries with Dr. Thomas Richardson

SilverCloud covers a wide range of topics throughout our CBTalks Podcast episodes, some of which address holistic challenges such as the link between financial difficulties and mental health conditions. In Episode 17 of our podcast, Money Worries, SilverCloud sits down with Dr. Thomas Richardson, clinical psychologist and accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, to discuss the interrelationship between financial pressures and mental health. Furthermore, in order to help individuals discover a healthy balance between the two, SilverCloud teamed up with Dr. Richardson to develop an online-based psychological intervention known as the Space from Money Worries programme.

Listen to Dr. Richardson’s insight and guidance on using CBT to tackle the underlying patterns that connect financial and mental health issues here:


Dealing with Clinician Burnout with Dr. Lindsay Henderson

In Episode 18 of the CBTalks Podcast, Dealing with Clinician Burnout, SilverCloud meets with Dr. Lindsay Henderson, the director of psychological services at Amwell, to discuss the increasing pressure amongst those in the medical field. Dr. Henderson addresses the varying factors contributing to clinician burnout, including COVID-19 and its impact on the work environment.

Listen to Dr. Henderson’s discussion on the impact of clinician burnout and the ways organisations can address burnout through better care management tools here:


Men’s Mental Health with The Wolf Brothers

Throughout the CBTalks Podcast, SilverCloud Health provides insight into the personal experiences of individuals who speak about their unique perspectives and learnings. In Episode 12 of our podcast, Men’s Mental Health, Dr. Palacios speaks with Daryl and Cormac Noonan, two brothers who built the Wolf Academy to empower people to live happier and healthier lives. The Wolf Brothers discuss the challenges surrounding men’s mental health and what can be done to address these challenges while tackling social stigmas.

Listen to the Wolf Brothers address the societal expectations that men continue to experience and the importance of men openly expressing their emotions:


Evidence-Based Mental Health and Wellbeing Solutions

While mental health podcasts can be an effective tool for gaining professional advice, managing mental health challenges, and boosting your overall mood and wellbeing, they should not substitute treatment from therapy or other evidence-based solutions. This type of professional support can provide tools, strategies, and other resources specific to your unique mental and behavioural health needs. Those who prefer the convenience of listening to podcasts may often find digital mental health solutions a beneficial form of therapy.

SilverCloud Health is the world’s leading digital mental health platform, enabling providers, health plans, and employers to deliver clinically validated digital health and therapeutic care that improves outcomes, and increases access and scale while reducing costs. Today, SilverCloud is being used by hundreds of organisations globally to meet their populations’ mental health needs. The platform continues to lead the industry with its effectiveness, engagement, and range of clinical programs that encompass a spectrum of mental health needs. Gain additional wellness insight and expert perspectives by viewing SilverCloud Health’s blogs on mental health, resilience, and more.


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