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    September 19, 2022

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    children, CYP mental health, child and adolescent mental health

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cypnow(Source: https://www.cypnow.co.uk/) With the new school year upon us, it is both an exciting and challenging time for children. New schedules and classmates and mounting workloads are among the common worries that manifest in returning schoolchildren.

However, this year more than ever poses additional risks, with almost half of parents expressing fears that the pandemic has impacted their children’s mental health.

But how exactly can concerned caregivers reach out and support children in managing unhelpful thinking?

The value of listening 

Conversations around emotional wellbeing are difficult for anyone, let alone children – who worry they’ll be viewed differently if they admit to experiencing negative thoughts. 

So, they must be handled sensitively, at the right moment. For example, instead of sitting down for a formal chat, gently introduce questions while engaging in other activities or games.

Listening is then key. We often feel the need to interrogate or offer advice but remember to take a step back – this is their time to talk and our time to listen.

Focus on ‘reflective listening’ – the skill of letting the speaker know they’re being understood without shifting the focus away from the content of their speech.


Read the full article on  https://www.cypnow.co.uk/

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