Partnership with AnyCare GmbH | SilverCloud Health

August 6th, 2014 - SilverCloud Health, a global provider of behavioural and mental wellness online solutions, announced further expansion into the European healthcare market through a strategic partnership with German healthcare provider AnyCare GmbH. SilverCloud Health will work with AnyCare to translate its online platform and therapeutic programmes for stress, anxiety, and depression into German. The partnership will then introduce these programmes throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

With one in four people suffering from mental health issues globally, personal and national costs, run into billions. In Germany, the direct costs for mental health were reported at €8.7 billion; approximately 11% of the overall expenditure on health. Switzerland reported mental health costs of approximately 3.2% of GDP.*

According to SilverCloud Health’s CEO, Ken Cahill, “There is ongoing pressures on healthcare services and providers to increase service offerings across mental health, to address wider audiences, and to reduce waiting lists and costs. Innovative online technologies like SilverCloud Health, that integrate a human supporter, have become core to achieving results while maintaining effective levels of care.”

AnyCare has over 10 years’ experience in managed healthcare services, acting as a provider to over 30% of the German health insurance market and supporting more than 100,000 patients through it’s medical services centres. It is also a leader in research and development, and is at the forefront of integrating telehealth as part of service provision in Europe.

AnyCare’s Managing Director, Wolfgang Weber, said, “We look forward to integrating online [Puzzle Square on Laptop Shows Integration] psychological therapy into our existing telehealth portfolio. We view the strategic partnership with SilverCloud Health as key to the growth of our mental health services. It will allow us to access a much wider population, across European German speaking countries, while maintaining the standard of care that is core to AnyCare’s service philosophy.”

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