Psychologists launch Covid mental health treatment programme


(Source mental wellbeing of patients recovering from Covid-19 is low enough on average to require assessment for depression, according to new feedback from users of the Covid Virtual Ward created by digital therapeutics providers, my mhealth.

Measured against the WHO-5 wellbeing scale created by the World Health Organisation (WHO), patients with Covid-19 using the my mhealth Covid Virtual Ward, reported on average significantly lower feelings of wellbeing.

The average score was in the WHO’s “poor” wellbeing category – low enough to suggest that Covid has had a significant impact on wellbeing and that the respondents may benefit from further support and assessment.

With the research being the latest indication of the deep and long-lasting impact from the pandemic on physical and mental health, a significant new and free initiative to support wellbeing is being launched across the UK.

Designed by psychologists and wellbeing practitioners, the “Space from Covid” digital therapy initiative – under the “Nurture your Normal” campaign – is being offered free, by SilverCloud Health, a leading digital mental health provider which works with 80% of NHS mental health trusts in England. The aim is to offer a key aid to the UK’s recovery that acknowledges the “new normal” which now exists for everyone due to the global pandemic.

The “Space from Covid” programme offers online modules, based on cognitive behavioural therapy, to address the most common mental health challenges experienced in lockdown.

It provides coping strategies to address issues including trouble sleeping, coping with stress, financial worries and the experience of grief and loss. To access the programme go to:

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