Primary care nurses during Covid: Looking on the bright side

nursing-in-practice(Source: A group of six primary care nurses talk to Kathy Oxtoby about what has got them through the Covid-19 pandemic, the positives they have taken from their experiences, and their hopes for the profession – and themselves – from now on. Is it possible to look on the bright side?

Camaraderie with colleagues, time out with family, wellbeing apps and long walks. These are just some of the ways nurses dealt with the difficulties of the past year.

After the challenges the first year of the pandemic, it was to be hoped that 2021 would be less traumatic. But the pressures from the impact of coronavirus continued, and the Omicron Covid variant wave made prospects for nursing even more uncertain. But nurses have taken away some positives too, from the success of the Covid-19 mass vaccination programmes and collaborations between practices, to the benefits of new technology, and a better understanding of mental health and wellbeing.

Here, nurses in primary care share what has got them through recent times, and some of the positives they have taken away.

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