My Tech Life: Karen Tierney, co-founder of SilverCloud Health, on Korean dramas, lychee trees and recreating a stained glass window


(Source: Karen Tierney is co-founder and chief product officer of SilverCloud Health, a business that provides online mental health services. Last
year, the business was acquired by Amwell Health for €270 million

I get up between 7am and 8am. Since I started working from home, I tend to go sea swimming in the morning over in Killiney. I might meet a friend and have coffee as well. When I’m in the office, I usually just have a quick breakfast, with porridge and tea, and get out of the house. It takes about 30 minutes on the bus to get to our office in Dublin.
I’ll have checked my emails and timetable shortly after getting up so I get to my desk with my day prepped to start at 9.30am. I try to prioritise the day before I address my tasks.
Every day is really different. I have one-to-ones most days in the morning with the team in
Ireland. I just support my team, I make sure they have what they need. We tend to focus on resourcing, be it financial or staffing. We also talk through their business priorities and look at how I can help with that.

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