Meet Ken Cahill, CEO at Digital Mental Health Platform: SilverCloud Health

techround-logo-alt(Source: SilverCloud Health is a world-leading digital mental health platform providing clinically proven, internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) programmes positive impact to over 500 organisations and 800,000+ users globally. With more than 30 mental health and wellness programmes designed to suit the needs of the user, the platform is scalable to help meet the mental health needs of the nation, now and in the future. Easy to use, and accessible on multiple devices 24/7, it offers support to those experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, or chronic illness, substance abuse, through to perinatal mental health, parenthood, money worries – and more.

From a user perspective, SilverCloud Health offers both self-guided and asynchronous live coached support. Users are asked to complete a wellbeing assessment when they first sign in, which allows us to gauge their overall mental health using clinical metrics. Our AI then places them on the right programme where they can set goals for themselves, access CBT to help patients get a more in depth understanding of their feelings, and mindfulness tools to help users work on staying in the present moment.

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