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Increased access to local mental health services in Lincolnshire

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    May 30, 2024

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    digital mental health, case study, secondary care, stepped care model, stepped care

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(Source: https://www.lincolnshireworld.com/) By Sarah Winterbottom. Published 22nd May 2024, 14:24 BST

Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (LPFT) who provide mental health services across what is a largely rural region, has released new data which shows that mental health practitioners have 58% more time to spend with patients due to the trust’s integration of the SilverCloud® by Amwell® digital mental health platform.

Since its initial integration in 2018, more than 13,000 patients have benefitted from SilverCloud’s Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programmes which cover a wide range of mental health concerns including anxiety and depression. “The goal for us, with digital implementation, was to help us address the increasing demand for mental health provision and support an equitable access to the service across the large geographical area,” says Steve Skinner, Service Development Lead for LPFT’s Adult Community Division.

Read the full article on https://www.lincolnshireworld.com/community/increased-access-to-local-mental-health-services-in-lincolnshire-4638774 

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