Gosia Bowling: Family Mental Health


(Source: https://www.dentalreview.news/ )Gosia Bowling is the National Lead for Mental Health, Nuffield Health

Findings from Nuffield Health’s 2022 Healthier Nation Index [1] revealed 43 per cent of parents are more concerned about their children’s mental health now, due to the physical and emotional impact of the global pandemic. These figures are just as important for members of the dental team and other healthcare workers as they are for the general public.

Like financial stress, concern over our families’ physical and mental wellbeing can lead to lack of sleep, reduced focus, stress, and low mood. All these symptoms are likely to impact on wellbeing and productivity, both in people’s personal and professional lives.

What’s more, parents dealing with these kinds of issues are more likely to take absence days from work at short notice to support their family. Alerting parents and caregivers to relevant employee support, at key times, should be a business priority. For example, now we are in September it is a good time to remind staff about existing mental health support, which can help families better manage any back-to-school nerves or worries.


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