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London, 2nd July 2019 - The latest iteration of the Crown Commercial Services Digital Marketplace, or G-Cloud 11, was launched today (2nd July) and includes SilverCloud Health for the first time, providing faster and easier access to the world's leading digital mental health platform.

G-Cloud was originally launched in 2013 as a framework to simplify the buying process for governmental organisations across the UK and initially included 700 companies and services. This has now grown to over 24,000 over the last six years and the new framework is set to increase this further. The success of the framework can be measured by more than four billion pounds being spent and the support for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) registering at 45% of all sales by value and 71% by volume[1].

SilverCloud is a digital mental health platform that is used by more than 200 organisations and the majority of NHS mental health services in IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). It is envisaged that inclusion in G-Cloud 11 will speed up procurement and access to the digital therapy for patients needing help to manage their emotional wellbeing. Dr. Lloyd Humphreys, head of Europe at SilverCloud, says:

“G-Cloud exists to make buying proven and evidenced-based digital solutions quicker and easier, and this latest development will speed up access for people needing help with managing their mental health. It is well known that running an OJEU process can often be more costly that the actual services being procured. G-Cloud balances the need for a fair and competitive process with the requirement to buy at pace in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We are delighted with the inclusion of SilverCloud Health and look forward to working with organisations to take a population approach to digital mental health, ensuring that effective mental health treatment is available for all.”

With listings to cover the IAPT sector and another for population-based approaches at STP-level, it is hoped that procuring SilverCloud’s class leading digital mental health platform will be made much easier.


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Dr. Lloyd Humphreys

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SilverCloud Health          


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 About SilverCloud Health: SilverCloud Health’s multi-award-winning digital mental health platform is a result of over 16 years of clinical research with leading academic institutions. Today, SilverCloud is being used by over 200 organisations globally to meet the mental health needs of their end users/patients. The Platform has been deeply validated working with global experts, through full randomised control trials as well as real world data from over 250,000 SilverCloud end users. The platform continues to lead the industry with its effectiveness, engagement and range of clinical programs covering the spectrum of mental health needs. SilverCloud holds ISO 27001 security certification and ensures compliance with security and privacy standards of HIPAA and GDPR. In addition, SilverCloud is ISO13485 certified as well as a FDA roadmap.

https://www.silvercloudhealth.com/uk  @SilverCloudH



[1] https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/digital-marketplace-sales