From what to expect to talking to children, how to come to terms with loss


(Source: Most of us can’t imagine a time without her or before her and despite her advanced years and declining health, it has caught us all off guard that she’s finally gone.

‘For most people, the Queen has been a constant presence in their lives since they were born,’ says therapist and best-selling author Marisa Peer. ‘We’ve grown up watching her attend to her royal duties, delivering her annual Christmas message, and been a part of her milestones, such as the Platinum Jubilee. It can feel like we’ve lost a family member.

‘This familiarity is known as a parasocial bond. Because we know so much about them, we believe we really know them.

‘As we share our thoughts and memories, it brings us together in our collective pain, just like when Princess Diana died.

‘But this is another time of uncertainty during a time when we’ve faced a seemingly never-ending state of permacrisis due to global issues.’


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