Employees hiding mental health conditions from managers

itj(Source: https://www.itij.com/) Bupa reveals the impacts of this in a UK study, and has also expanded its health and wellbeing offerings available to SilverCloud customers at no extra charge

The health insurance provider found – through research conducted with Business in the Community and the BITC Wellbeing Leadership Team – that employees have been hiding mental health conditions from managers during the global pandemic.

Men more reserved about mental health than women

Of the 3,624 employees included in the study, just 14 per cent disclosed to their manager that they were suffering from a mental health issue; one-third (30 per cent) of people who have experienced work-related mental ill-health have told no one. And the study also finds that men are significantly more likely to keep their condition a secret (at 35 per cent) than with women (at 26 per cent).

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