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Dublin, Ireland and Boston, MA-March 1, 2019 - SilverCloud Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new cCBT Supporter Skills Training that will be available to all supporters from March 1st. The course can be found in the Tools section of the Supporter side of the platform, under the heading of Supporter Skills .

The cCBT Supporter Skills Training is a short online course developed to support Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) and other new supporters in delivering cCBT to clients. It promotes best practice for the delivery of online CBT, it develops the capabilities and confidence of supporters in assessing clients’ suitability for cCBT as well as in supporting clients in getting the most out of their cCBT experience. It has been proven that where healthcare practitioners believe in the method of delivery for mental health interventions and have specific training in cCBT support, they attain better outcomes for patients/clients.

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The course is composed of 3 modules: a Welcome module with pre & post assessments (up to 25 minutes); an Essentials of cCBT module (up to 60 minutes) and a module on supporting people on Space from Depression (up to 20-30 minutes).

It is estimated that it will typically take 1-2 hours to complete; however, learners may dip in and out of modules as they wish. They will also be able to access the course content at any time from within the Tools section of the supporter side on SilverCloud. For example, those supporting Clients on Space from Depression may access the training at any time during the Client journey to refresh their memory in a quick and accessible way about the tool(s) the Client is using and commonly encountered problems, rather than having to work through the programme itself.

screenshots v3-1The course features many opportunities for learners to apply the knowledge they have gained and to practice their skills at supporting clients on SilverCloud, for example by trying out new skills with sample clients.

Marie Chellingsworth, subject matter expert and author of the course’s content, said: “We encourage all supporters to take the course and develop their knowledge base of, and confidence in, cCBT skills”. She added: “This course is an opportunity for supporters to develop a skillset around best practice in supporting users of SilverCloud and to become champions for what cCBT and digital services can offer to increase access to Clients and to fill the gap in clinical training around cCBT and digital support”.

SilverCloud created this course knowing that PWP training typically focuses on 1:1 delivery face to face and over the telephone, mainly due to time constraints. However, the Low Intensity CBT role also includes the delivery of online CBT. Therefore, the course will bridge this area of potential knowledge gap. SilverCloud Health has created training to make people feel confident in, and advocates of, digital service delivery.

Finally, the training will be CPD accredited, which means learners can earn points/hours towards their CPD by completing the training. CPD certification will be available from May 2019.

 Course Structure

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Introduce the course curriculum and explain how to use it.
  • “Onboard” learners to the digital delivery.

Module 2 – Essentials of cCBT

cCBT and its role in providing evidence-based care

  • Share the evidence behind cCBT and SilverCloud.

How to assess for suitability, introduce and engage people in cCBT

  • Assess suitability for cCBT based on the client’s problem, their capability, opportunity and motivation to use the approach
  • Best practice for introducing clients to the concept of cCBT
  • Techniques to adopt to encourage good engagement

How to support people to get the most from cCBT

  • The importance of the supporter role
  • Potential pitfalls
  • Using SilverCloud to review, support and feed back to clients

Module 3 – Introducing and Supporting Space from Depression

  • The purpose and key features of the Supporting Space from Depression module
  • An introduction to the additional locked modules
  • The supporter role for this module