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Birmingham invented diagnostic testing method set for rollout

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    August 22, 2022

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med tech 1(Source: https://www.med-technews.com/) Known as Reverse Transcription-Free EXPAR (RTF-EXPAR) testing, this new technology offers detection in as little as 10 minutes.

The speed of the test is based, in part, on its avoidance of slower, reverse transcriptase-based technologies, and provides the speed of lateral flow tests with the sensitivity of PCR testing.

Detailed test evaluations reveal the method delivers a fast, accurate, highly sensitive and simple test for COVID-19, meaning the test could be deployed at entertainment venues, airport arrival terminals, and in remote settings where clinical testing laboratories are not available.

The method is just as sensitive as both PCR and LAMP tests - currently used in hospital settings - and is faster and more sensitive than lateral flow tests.

Crucially, it can be used with testing techniques which bypass the need for laboratory equipment, and this is expected to reduce delays in waiting for test results, which currently require samples to be sent to specialist laboratories.

Read the full article on https://www.med-technews.com/

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