Are we in danger of over-medicalising the menopause?


(Source: https://www.irishexaminer.comA year on from Live Line's five-days-straight discussion on menopause, the conversation on this pivotal time in a woman’s life has taken a sudden swerve.

So many women queued up to air the devastating impact of menopausal symptoms last summer that Liveline created a dedicated phone line. The RTÉ radio show marked an upswing in women coming forward for help. Many wanted HRT, so much so that earlier this year the HRPA warned Ireland faced shortages in HRT medication, citing an ‘unexpected increase in demand’.

Sallyanne Brady, co-founder of Facebook group, The Irish Menopause, spoke about individual women trying as many as 17 pharmacies – unsuccessfully – for HRT.

Britain saw a similar surge in HRT demand after Davina McCall’s Sex, Myths and the Menopause C4 documentary aired in 2021 – in the following month, one pharmaceutical company reported a 30% uptick in demand for HRT products.


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