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Anxiety and depression rampant in the workplace

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    May 30, 2024

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(Source: https://www.hrleader.com.au/) By Kace O'Neill | May 30, 2024

Increased work stress and the rising cost-of-living crisis are severely affecting the mental health of workers across all industries.

A recent report by Amwell found that 67 per cent of Australian workers experience symptoms of anxiety and depression. Respondents said increased work stress and the rising cost of living were contributing to their poor mental health.

Difficulty finding support was pinpointed as an issue by the respondents, as 68 per cent stated that they have a lack of access to mental health support systems. Furthermore, 45 per cent of respondents who could access in-person care said they encountered wait times of up to one month.

Employers must set a new precedent when it comes to supporting their employees through mental health struggles. Clinical psychologist and head of clinical transformation at Amwell, Dr Carolyn Lorian, said prioritising access to digital health platforms in the workplace is a good way for employers to support their teams and the health of their businesses.

“We’re moving toward employee mental health being the number one priority for organisations. Our research shows that business leaders across Australia are seeing higher turnover rates and increased absenteeism directly related to the mental wellbeing of their employees,” Lorian said.


Read the full article on https://www.hrleader.com.au/wellbeing/25535-anxiety-and-depression-are-rampant-in-the-workplace 

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