7 issues which impact working mothers’ mental health and how your workplace can support you

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#1 Post-pandemic burnout

A study by Montreal University revealed women were more vulnerable to burnout than men. Burnout among women – particularly working mothers – continues to be an increasing issue with the pandemic heightening women’s risk. Childcare demands at home soared during the pandemic, but men and women did not split the challenge equally, with women doing three times more unpaid childcare.

When we’re unable to switch off from the ‘fight or flight’ as a result of chronic stress we can experience physical symptoms including nausea, fatigue, and musculoskeletal problems, as well as mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression.

The most important consideration for employers looking to support overwhelmed parents is help with workload and role flexibility. Other support includes clearly outlining working expectations. When we understand exactly what is expected of us, we are better able to show resilience during stressful times.

This means speaking to your manager and agreeing on working hours, capacity, and contact hours – both in the office and working remotely.



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