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SilverCloud Health and Wiley Launch Gold Standard for iCBT

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    April 13, 2015

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Evidence-based online, telehealth anxiety programs reduce costs, increase service reach, expand patient choice and maintain care quality

New York – April 13, 2015 – As part of their strategic partnership, SilverCloud Health, a global provider of behavioral and mental wellness telehealth solutions, and Wiley, one of the world’s most well respected providers of education, medical and psychological information for professionals, patients, researchers and students alike, today announce the official launch of the new Gold Standard in evidence-based online therapy with the ‘Space from Anxiety and Space from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)’ programs.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting roughly 40 million people at a cost of more than $42 billion a year. Accessing effective care continues to be a growing challenge with a national ratio of one provider to every 790 individuals, and one-fifth of those affected do not receive mental health services needed. Additionally, for 45 percent of individuals, cost is a barrier to effective care with out-of-pocket costs for outpatient treatment reaching $5,000.

The new Gold Standard is leveraging Wiley’s world-class and leading library of content along with the clinical expertise from U.S. behavioral health experts including Dr. Stefan G. Hofmann, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Boston University, and Dr. Deborah C. Beidel, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, Department of Psychology, University of Central Florida. Together they are delivering evidence-based telehealth programs on SilverCloud Health’s technology platform built on over a decade of peer-reviewed research.

The new HIPAA-compliant programs build on SilverCloud Health’s existing program suite, proven in clinical practice to allow healthcare organizations to increase engagement and reach six times more individuals, while delivering outcomes equivalent to face-to-face treatment.

“The ‘Space from Anxiety and 'Space from GAD’ programs should provide integrated health care delivery systems, health plans and accountable care organizations with an innovative means of addressing the shortage of mental health clinicians and reducing per-patient costs without losing efficacy or quality of care,” said Dr. Beidel. “SilverCloud Health has a record of integrating evidence based content, clinical expertise and scientific outcomes to deliver telehealth programs that work.”

Numerous innovative leaders delivering high quality behavioral health care have adopted or are partnering with us to develop and validate the SilverCloud Health Wiley programs in order to increase service reach, expand patient choice and meet outcomes targets. Some of these organizations include:

  • Boston University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
  • Boston University Student Health Service
  • Summa Health System
  • University of Central Florida

“Healthcare reform requires integrated multi-disciplinary approaches to care and improved access to care,” said Dr. Patrick A. Palmieri, Director of the Center for the Treatment and Study of Traumatic Stress at Summa Health System. “Enhancing care delivery by introducing evidence-based online therapy not only increases patient choice and satisfaction, but also extends access to care and promotes improved outcomes and lower costs in the long term for the behavioral health population.” 

“While online programs have continued to evolve the key mechanisms for ensuring effective treatment need to be the core building blocks of any program,” said Dr. Hofmann. “SilverCloud has 10 years of academic research that ensures this is the case in all their programs.”

SilverCloud clinical studies show that the integration of human support drives a 100 percent improvement in results. The online programs are accessible 24/7 and offer interactive, secure and engaging content that includes activities, tools, videos and reflective exercises, healthcare organizations also have the ability to customize content and tools to maintain adherence and see a 300 percent increase in engagement.  

“With 1 in 2 Americans experiencing a mental health issue, healthcare costs on the rise, increasing regulatory requirements and the physician shortage, these programs come at the right time,” said Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud Health. “By integrating peer-reviewed, evidence-based clinical telemental health solutions into the care path, we can address these issues head on while providing excellent outcomes-based care.”

Visit SilverCloud and Wiley at HIMSS booth #2637, 2638 and NatCon booth #735 for more information on the new Gold Standard a demo of the 'Space from Anxiety' and 'Space from GAD' programs. 


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