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SilverCloud Health Expands Globally

SilverCloud Health has gone global! We are currently offering our Space from Depression in German as well as in Spanish for the Colombian market, to add to our existing reach in the UK, US and Ireland. Many key learnings have emerged from creating this globalised content as we strive to ensure that our content is as effective as it can be for our varied user base.

The aim of globalising online content is always to help a customer to do something important for them. This mandate is even more crucial when delivering mental health interventions. Case studies of organisations who have successfully globalised their content reveal the key to success is to tailor content to each local market, like Starbucks do with their local menus.

To ensure our content is as meaningful as possible, we partnered with Subject Matter Experts in each country to effectively tailor our programmes. These partnerships help to clarify the content meaning and avoid pitfalls of cultural nuance to avoid conveying any erroneous messaging that can so easily occur – for example, when Pepsi translated “Come alive with Pepsi!” into Chinese, the slogan’s meaning changed to convey that the drink could bring the customer’s ancestors back from the dead!

Our targeted approach resulted in more of a focus on the physical manifestations of depression when developing content for the Columbian market to suit that cohorts’ specific presentations. The tone of our programmes also changed – while aware that American companies often engage in superlative messaging, we knew this wouldn’t work well in a market such as Germany, where consumers look for more unbiased, straightforward information.

Sadly, mental health stigma is widely prevalent worldwide which is why an online intervention can prove so effective no matter what country our customers are based in – users can access therapeutic content at any time or place, without the worry of being ‘seen’ going in and out of a therapist’s office.

Our globalisation efforts reinforce our commitment to helping as many people as possible think and feel better, as an increasing prevalence of mental health issues is, unfortunately, a global reality.

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Author: Regina de Burca, Content Manager


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