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Our Commitment to Better Access to Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

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    April 8, 2021

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Supporting the community through the launch of SilverCloud’s ‘Nurture your normal’ campaign.

As the United Kingdom and other countries begin to see a path towards an easing of social restrictions and the beginning of some form of a return to normal life, we recognise that this can be a time for reflection, healing and discovering what the impact of the pandemic means to us going forward.

It is often during this period that we experience even more challenges to our wellbeing and question what ‘normal’ looks like to us after such a challenging period of our lives.

As a mission-led and values driven organisation, we want to help with this process of recovery and support people’s journey to better wellbeing. Guided by this, we are launching the Nurture your normal campaign and provide free access to our ‘Space from COVID’ digital wellbeing programme for every UK citizen.

No restrictions, no commitments, no pin or other barriers to use, and available to everyone over the age of 18 years. This is not a time-limited offer, as long as the UK is on a path of recovery then we will be here to support it.

As a global community we have experienced many waves of COVID, but the tidal wave of mental health is yet to hit. If we can reach more people and quicker then we can, hopefully, help some people manage these challenges to their wellbeing. Our ‘Space from COVID’ digital self-help programme has modules on managing challenging times, dealing with grief and loss, tackling money worries and techniques for relaxation and mindfulness, to support people at a time of need and to help people nurture your normal.

You don’t need to go to your GP or other NHS service to get access to the ‘Space from COVID’ programme, it’s free of charge and available at www.spacefromcovid.com, but you should always talk to your GP first if you need mental health support.

SilverCloud is incredibly proud to support this initiative and hope that as many people as possible will support us to drive awareness that trusted, evidence-based support is available, right now.

Dr Lloyd Humphreys
Head of Europe, SilverCloud Health


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