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Myth 2: Online therapy is no more than email exchange

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    March 21, 2014

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Multiple communication modalities

Clients can now elect to communicate with clinicians and therapists through video, instant messaging, chat, phone calls and, of course, occasional face-to-face meetings. This wide choice of communication modalities can, in itself, offer opportunities and while some clients find that combining different communication types can be convenient, therapists and clinicians have discovered therapeutic advantage.

“People express themselves differently when communicating with voice, text, and visuals. Unique aspects of identity and self emerge in those different modalities. Moving from one modality to another sometimes proves to be a very important event in the therapy. For these reasons, clinicians may design treatment plans involving combinations of different channels of communication or transitions between different channels.“ Myths and realities of online clinical work, ISMHO

Multimedia programmes

Of course, online solutions are no longer limited to simple text and voice communications. The Silvercloud platform itself is a prime example of how online health and wellness solutions can take advantage of all the same multimedia engagement techniques as any other online application or platform. By incorporating pictures, graphics, and video or sound files into the communication between client and therapist, the entire online interaction is enhanced.

At Silvercloud Health we believe that, content designed for those with mental health difficulties should be delivered in the same way it would be to any other individual via modern online platforms such as Facebook, Google, and commercially driven websites. Good content should attract attention, engage, inform and entertain, to retain the readers’ interest all the way through to the end.

The platform delivers a broad range of engaging evidence-based clinical content, programmes and support in the areas of mental health and chronic/long-term illness care.

We have access to publishers with great content and interesting areas of coverage in both the mental health and chronic illness care areas. We also provide access to additional resources for organisations through our extensive professional and academic network.

Myth 2 busted?

Myth 2 busted! Online therapies consist of a great deal more than just email. Good quality solutions offer a rich variety of engaging interactive experiences and a choice of communication modalities.

Myth busted! What do you think? Please let us know your opinion via twitter or Linked In..

‘Busting the myths of online clinical work’ is a new blog series based on ‘Myths & Realities of Online Clinical Work’; a 3rd-Year Report from the International Society for Mental Health Online’s (ISMHO) Clinical Case Study Group.

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