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Moore's Law for Healthcare

Moore’s Law for healthcare, imagine that!

“Moore’s Law predicts that every two years the cost of computing will fall by half.”

Imagine a scenario where we could apply Moore's law to healthcare. Essentially we can, by imagining a “shift left” in healthcare policy and practice. This is the core of the Health Service Executive e-health Ireland strategy.

What does a “Shift Left” actually mean?

Instead of only supporting the traditional acute care services we move a focus to community care at the primary care level, support more fully home care to promote independent living, bring chronic disease management into the community and ultimately build for preventative and proactive healthcare. Such a shift implicates delivering the highest quality of life at the highest possible cost avoidance, while maintaining quality of care. Across the spectrum of healthcare there is a growing recognition of the role of behavioural health. There is no health without mental health. E-health Ireland in its vision to “Shift Left” endeavours to enable connected health through digital. 

How can digital support a “Shift Left?”

Digital health technologies bring the promise of increasing access, increasing reach, maintaining quality and delivering on outcomes. SilverCloud Health is a mental health and chronic disease management platform. SilverCloud Health delivers online, highly engaging and supportive programmes, covering mental health and the behavioural aspects of long-term conditions. The programmes provide immediate access to evidence-based care, delivering with fidelity core behavioural management strategies and skills.

SilverClouds broad and deep library of evidence-based content enables a shift in care from the model of one-to-one to one-to-many. Therefore it enables greater throughput, bringing the control of care into the hands of the service users, thereby empowering service users and promoting proactive healthcare. Our very own Dr. Derek Richards will be presenting on how digital health products such as SilverCloud can help support this transition to a more community based care model at the Future Health Summit on May 29th in Dublin. 

Who are SilverCloud Health?

SilverCloud Health is an Irish company and a global leader in digital interventions for healthcare and mental health care. The SilverCloud platform and evidence-based programmes are used in over 160 healthcare organisations, across 5 countries. Our services are focused on the health service user, we have delivered online and supported mental health interventions for depression and anxiety to over 160,000 users, 73% move to recovery post SilverCloud and service users report a 98% satisfaction rating.

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