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Ministry of Defence, SilverCloud launch online wellbeing resource

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    March 11, 2015

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New wellbeing pilot project will help to support performance through promoting positive mental health 

London —March 2015, SilverCloud Health, a global provider of behavioural and mental wellness online solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new pilot for an online psychological wellness resource centre developed in partnership with the clinical team at the Ministry of Defence (MOD). In this pilot project, specific military and civilian employees will be given access to SilverCloud resources and support.

  It will include an online LifeBalance programme, which provides tools and tactics to manage stress and bring balance back into your life.

The MOD, has a long history of providing employee solutions to promote positive mental health, and was keen to find a project partner who could provide a secure, anonymous platform for delivering wellbeing support to those members of staff who may experience barriers to accessing conventional help.  

“The SilverCloud wellbeing project will be innovative and potentially valuable resource. The participation and feedback from staff will help shape future provision in this area,” said Air Marshal Paul Evans QHP RAF, Surgeon General. 

SilverCloud Health programmes will be able to support the successful MOD anti-stigma campaign, by being accessible 24/7, easy to complete and include written topics, videos, quizzes etc. to suit different learning styles.  

A representative of the Defence Medical Services said, “The MOD is looking at innovative ways to provide additional levels of support to assist people in maintaining a healthy balance between the demands of their personal and professional lives.  The pilot project with SilverCloud is exploring what additional benefit an online platform can bring to an existing portfolio of employee wellbeing support.”

Another key benefit is that the SilverCloud platform offers the facility to interact with a human supporter, who monitors progress and offers encouragement in a weekly review; this ensures that users get the most out of the platform.

Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud Health said, “We are excited to be working on this project the Ministry of Defence has worked closely with us to tailor platform resources and programme content to their specific needs. Aside from stress support, there are lots of useful resources covering day-to-day challenges and advice on how to handle them.”

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