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Insights into the Future of Mental Health Services, April 30th

April 29th, 2015: SilverCloud Health is delighted to be participating in the Future of Mental Health Services Conference at University of Salford Manchester on Thursday April 30th. The conference will explore the government’s 5-year plan to enhance mental health service provision in the UK. As part of the agenda our Clinical Director of Research & Innovation Dr. Derek Richards will host a 25 minute talk along with Chris Eldridge Director of Operations from Mayden. Mayden run healthcare web applications and advanced patient management systems including IAPTUS, which fully integrates with the SilverCloud Health platform.

Dr. Richards presentation titled: One Provider, One Solution, and all Disorders: Optimising Online Solutions will provide insight into the value brought to IAPT services, commissioning groups, users and clinicians with a single solution that can address all high prevalence conditions faced by services. The core needs for many of these invested stakeholders are around the key areas of access, reach and outcomes.

Dr. Richards will also discuss the importance of providing a service-centred solution, which not only meets current service demands and needs but is also future proofed. Another important point of the discussion will focus on the need for providers like SilverCloud to be flexible enough to cater to multiple entry points of access for users, including through IAPT and primary care, in addition to meeting the needs of those with long term medical conditions. Currently, SilverCloud is the only provider to give commissioners and service providers such flexibility of approach and adaptability to the needs of multiple organisations and users.

Following this, in part two of the talk titled: Online Therapy: Expanding Patient Choice, Chris Eldridge will discuss the compelling reasons for why online therapy must play a role in the future of IAPT services such as increased demand and limited resources. Also, how Mayden is planning to help make the transition of adopting cCBT easier for both services and patients alike.

For those of you attending this event we look forward to meeting you on April 30th.

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