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Benefits Tips for Employers: Mental Health in the Workplace | SilverCloud Health

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    January 18, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life as we know it. The lack of physical contact with family and friends, loss of employment, increase in pay cuts, and more have exacerbated symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression amongst employees. Unfortunately, many of these emotions will likely outlast the pandemic, making it crucial for employers to take action. As businesses reopen and employees return to their workplace, these psychosocial risks pose a limiting factor for a business's bottom line.

During these tumultuous times, employees are overwhelmed with several feelings of concern that pose a threat to their mental and physical wellbeing. In May 2021, Deloitte revealed that 38% of UK workers had their wellbeing negatively impacted by the pandemic. These patterns of increased mental health challenges have an inevitable impact on the demand and sickness rates for services provided by employers.

Transparency in the workplace is paramount to creating a strong culture. Without open communication, the struggles employees continue to face may go unrecognised, which could negatively impact their productivity levels, job satisfaction, and more. Even more so, those mental health experiences will differ according to race, economic opportunity, job type, and several other variables.

A key factor in controlling mental health-related costs in the workplace is placing early and proactive intervention measures in place. Working to stop the progression of symptoms that could lead to more severe cases can make a massive difference to the employees and costs to the organisation.

Providing clinically-validated mental health services to employees can have a powerful impact on the workplace as a whole. At SilverCloud Health, we help employers deliver mental health tools, programmes, and support for a wide range of organisations. In our Benefits Tips for Employers whitepaper, our team of experts comprehensively break down the following:

  • How mental health impacts the workplace
  • Case studies from impacted employees
  • The return on investment for mental health benefits
  • Some of the barriers to getting adequate support
  • How digital therapeutics can streamline quality care
  • The SilverCloud Health perspective

However, many of those experiencing mental health symptoms might not seek treatment for a variety of reasons, all of which could lead to their mental health issues going undiagnosed and untreated. Those reluctant to seek help are often tied to feelings of stigma, especially in speaking out about mental health in the workplace. This is where digital therapeutics that are based on clinically appropriate care and proven clinical outcomes can offer enormous potential to impact the lives of many.

SilverCloud Health’s digital mental health platform simplifies the implementation process of an employee mental health and wellbeing programme. SilverCloud is the leading global provider of evidence-based wellbeing and behavioral health solutions, delivered both digitally and at scale. Download our Benefits Tips for Employers whitepaper to discover how you can ultimately improve access and outcomes in the workplace.

Download the whitepaper

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