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9th Annual New Savoy Conference Psychological Therapies in the NHS

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    February 1, 2018

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The 9th annual New Savoy Conference Psychological Therapies in the NHS is being hosted at the Millennium Conference Centre, London between the 3rd - 4th February 2016. The theme for this year's conference is how evidence based therapy and welfare support will fare in a climate of austerity. The Government needs to make welfare savings and this will have a major impact on people with mental health issues in receipt of welfare benefits. The conference guarantees to deliver a high level of critical debate amongst key stakeholders of psychological therapies within the NHS. With the opening keynote speech from Prof. David Healy delivering a radical critique of NICE guidelines and the influence of the pharmaceutical lobby, balanced against Prof. David Haslam’s presentation defending the vital importance of NICE, this event promises to be a lively, critical arena in which to debate the future of psychological therapies within the NHS.

SilverCloud Health is pleased to be participating in this exciting discussion; Dr. Derek Richards, Director of Clinical & Research Innovation at SilverCloud Health will facilitate a workshop on delivering an outcome focused online therapy solution at 2pm on Thursday 4th of February.  In this workshop, Dr. Richards will be discussing the different ways in which online interventions can be delivered to optimise resources and increase access, while maintaining quality of care.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • The challenges and benefits of delivering online therapy
  • Tips on effective practices
  • How online therapy can be integrated into different service structures – one size does not fit all!

At SilverCloud Health we have seen various organisations integrate online therapy into service structures in different ways. This includes providing innovative methods of access, such as GP referral programmes, for example. Creating effective ways for users to anonymously access resources and support - via an online psychological wellness resource centre. Using online as a Step 3 wait list option and as an adjunct to face-to-face, helping to reduce the number of face-to-face sessions needed.

Dr. Richards will also talk about the results of our most recent Randomised Control Trial of our Space from Depression program which used support from trained volunteers*.

Together with the positive outcomes reported for depression, this study also highlights the possibility of a low cost, innovative and exciting pathway through which online interventions can be integrated at a population level to achieve clinically significant reductions in mild to moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Come along and see use at stand #14 for further discussion or a demo.

Follow the Conference on Twitter #NewSavoy2016

*Further information on psychological therapies study can be found here.

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