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SPACE FOR Wellbeing

Being in a state of wellbeing means enjoying physical, social, mental and emotional health. Wellbeing is linked to happiness and satisfaction and since it is influenced by a combination of so many aspects of our life, it can be difficult to achieve and maintain. Lack of sleep, stress, inactivity, social isolation, money problems, poor health, negative thoughts or inability to cope with difficult experiences are only some of the factors affecting our overall wellbeing. Our programs are designed to help people manage some of these factors including sleep habits, ability to overcome challenges, enduring financial hardship and promoting positive body image, in order to ultimately improve overall wellbeing. 

Benefits of Wellbeing Programs

Build resilience
Increase ability to face and overcome challenges to enhance a state of well-being.

Manage financial difficulties  
Learn to manage money worries and stay financially healthy. 

Think straight
Identify negative thoughts and thinking errors and learn how to challenge them.

Wellbeing Programs

Space from Money Worries

This program teaches you how to manage unhelpful thoughts around finances, to stop avoiding money problems and to feel more confident facing financial fears. In addition to psychological support the program is packed with practical tips including, strategies to boost mood without spending and reduce impulse spending.

  • Empowering change

    • Tackle negative thoughts and reduce worry around money
    • Face your financial fears
    • Boosting your mood on a budget
    • Learn the skills to cope with financial shocks
    • Tackle impulse spending
  • Self-paced, easy to use

    • A safe and confidential space, available 24/7
    • Reduce worry and feel more in control  of your finances
    • Interactive tools  make it easy to use and apply what you’ve learned
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