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Space from Stress

Stress is a normal part of life that affects all of us, so many elements of modern life can cause stress, when they add up, they can start to feel insurmountable. It’s also common to find that our energy is not focused on the things that truly matter to us. Our stress programs are developed to help you work towards solutions that work for you and that you can sustain overtime, to create a healthy balanced life, ultimately offering welcome space from stress.

Benefits of Stress Programs

Find balance
Develop skills to help you address your work-life balance.

Build resilience
Learn to manage stress, build resilience and improve self-esteem.

Manage problems 
Learn to set effective goals, problem-solve successfully, and communicate more assertively.

Stress Programs

Space From Stress

This is a pro-active and practical program built in conjunction with leading clinical and subject matter experts that provides you with the tools and techniques to manage stress and bring balance into your life. Quality clinical content is integrated with tools and activities in a safe and secure space. With a focus on resilience, this program helps you to identify and enhance existing strengths and skills, and build new ones. 

  • Flexible and accessible

    Complete engaging content modules at a time and place that suits you. Topics include assertiveness, problem solving, self-esteem, communication and stress management.

  • Stress management and resilience

    This program is packed with tools and activities to manage stress and build resilience including:

    • Signature strength building
    • SMART goal setting
    • Time management
    • Problem solving exercises
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