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Eating Issues (US)

Space from Eating Issues

Difficulties with body image and eating, including eating too much or too little, affect men and women of all ages. People with body image and eating difficulties often feel isolated and misunderstood; self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing are often affected. Many factors are involved in the development of body image and eating issues, from challenges in our personal lives to the effect media and culture have on our perceptions. The best time to do something about these issues is when they first start developing. Our programs help you find solutions that work for you and that you can sustain overtime, ultimately offering welcome space from body image and eating issues.

Benefits of Eating Issues Programs

See clearly 
Develop an understanding of body image, what it is, how it can be skewed, and how to improve it.

Food & mood 
Tools to help you manage the relationship between what you feel and what you eat.

Think straight
Identify negative thoughts and thinking errors, and learn how to challenge them.

Eating Issues Programs

Space for Positive Body Image

Space for Positive Body Image is a preventive and practical program built in conjunction with leading clinical and subject matter experts that provides you with the tools and strategies to build a positive body image, better self-esteem and to develop a healthy relationship with food.

  • Self-paced, easy to use

    The program is available 24/7 providing access to therapy at a time that suits, helping you to manage unhelpful behaviors and explore healthier ways of coping.

    • Learn about self-esteem and what you can do to boost it
    • Tactics to improve your body image
    • Develop new coping mechanisms, and learn how to have a healthy relationship to food
  • Practical tools and strategies

    This program provides you with tools and prevention strategies for promoting positive body image and greater self-esteem.

    • Mindful eating exercises
    • Understand emotional eating and learn new coping skills
    • “Who am I?” noticeboard app to build self-esteem
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