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Our Mission

Taking on healthcare head-on

We believe that behavioral health is core to all healthcare and addressing factors that impact or enhance behavioral health is central to our philosophy. 

We believe that technology is the key enabler to address the biggest healthcare challenges of this century.

About Us

About Silvercloud

We’ve spent over ten years researching and building SilverCloud. Starting as a seven year research project at Trinity College Dublin, before becoming a three year translational research project undertaken jointly by the National Digital Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin and Parents Plus, Mater University Hospital in Ireland.

As a company, we continue to build relationships with industry leaders to ensure our iCBT programs, content and platform are engaging, effective and informed with the most up to date thinking and technology. 

We’re committed to delivering clear benefits, not just for the people using our programs, but to the wide range of organizations who partner with us.

Our People

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