How do I sign up for silverCloud®?   

SilverCloud® is made available to individuals through certain healthcare plans, GPs and Universities. It is not possible to sign up directly to SilverCloud® without going through one of these routes. Have a look at the list below to find out if there is a way to of getting access to SilverCloud® in your area. You may need an access code to sign up, you can request this from your organisation or health care provider.

If you are a healthcare provider or university interested in implementing SilverCloud® into your current care pathways you can contact us here.

I am in the UK

  • Check with your GP or search for mental health services that offer SilverCloud® at this link: Search 
  • If you are in Wales: Sign up 
  • If you are a university or college student: check with your university counselling service
  • If you are in Scotland: Scotland wellness (unsupported) -  Access code: Scotland2020

I am in Ireland

  • The HSE has partnered with SilverCloud® to launch a national rollout of digital mental health therapy to address depression and anxiety in Ireland. As part of the HSE's digital mental health strategy and supported by trained clinical staff the platform allows you access to "Space from Depression™", "Space from Anxiety™" and "Space from Generalised Anxiety Disorder™" programmes. Online CBT has been shown to have a positive impact on reducing demand for face-to-face services.

    If you are over 18 then this Online Cognitive Therapy (CBT) service is currently available to receive referrals from Primary Care Psychology, the National Counselling Service, Jigsaw and GPs across Ireland. Once referred the service user journey is quick and easy enabling people to start accessing supports within 24 hours

    Please email us to refer your patient using your Healthmail email.

Learn more about SCH for users in Ireland

SilverCloud® is not an emergency service.
In case of emergency please go to your local Accident and Emergency department or contact your GP. If your GP surgery is closed, their answerphone will direct you to the right place.

If no-one is available when you need help, or you'd like to speak to an impartial person in confidence, you can contact the Samaritans on 📞116123

UK residents can call NHS helpline 📞111 if you need medical help or advice that is not life-threatening.

Irish residents can call 📞112 for emergency services.