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Watch On-Demand: Demand for Digital: Revolutionising Mental Health Services

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"A challenge that we need to meet is to get access to those who would normally never grace the service of mental health service and getting evidence-based mental health service to those who would normally not have access to them."

Dr Derek Richards


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On-Demand - Demand for Digital

On-Demand: Demand for Digital: Revolutionising Mental Health Services

With recent NICE guidance bringing iCBT to the forefront of the mental health crisis, Ken Cahill shares the story of SilverCloud® by Amwell®, the NHS’ leading provider of digital mental health - supporting over one million people globally.

From growth across the NHS and integration into pathways, to utilising AI to drive better and predictable outcomes, digital mental health plays a key part in revolutionising mental health services.  

This session is a frank and informative conversation, moderated by Ken Cahill. Discover how SilverCloud®'s story intertwines with IAPT, learn about its growth within the NHS and beyond, and explore the evidence backing its effectiveness.

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A bit about the speakers

Ken Cahill

Ken Cahill

Chief Behavioural Health Officer, Amwell®

SilverCloud® by Amwell® is the world’s leading digital mental health platform, enabling health care providers, health plans, and employers to deliver clinically validated digital mental health/therapeutic care that improves outcomes increases access and scale while reducing costs.

Prior to SilverCloud®, Ken held senior positions in several multinationals including, Dell, HP, and Gateway. Ken has received a number of awards, including the 2018 MedTech Boston 40 under 40 award.

He is a chartered board director and holds a BSc. Degree in Computing, Diploma in new business.

Judith Chapman

Judith Chapman

Industry Expert ​

Judith Chapman is a clinical services consultant. For three years as Clinical Service Manager (IAPT)  and eleven as Clinical Director at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BHNFT), she lead on the design, implementation and delivery of a large change programme to optimise operational performance to deliver a high quality, single point of access service across Berkshire. During her tenure, BHNFT was selected for and accredited by the Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) programme and was rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) noting it had “continued to build on its innovation as a global exemplar”.

Derek Richards

Dr. Derek Richards

Head of Research, Amwell®

As Head of Research at Amwell, Derek leads on the strategic research objectives for the company. He is also director of the e-mental health research group in the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin. Since 2002, he has been extensively involved in clinical research, development and implementation of technology delivered interventions for mental health. Over the last 15 years, Derek has built a team of world-class scientists whose published work is cited widely and whose impact has spearheaded continued innovation in digital mental health care.

Who is this on-demand video for

Healthcare Professionals

such as therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, and social workers who are involved in delivering mental health services.

Decision makers in the health sector

such as health service managers, clinical directors, commissioners, and policy makers, who are responsible for planning and delivering mental health services.

Education professionals

such as school counsellors and administrators, who are interested in supporting the mental health of children and young people.

Companies and HR professionals

interested in supporting the mental health of their employees.