One in four people with a mental health problem are also struggling with debt. Mental health and financial worries can be highly intertwined, creating a cycle of worsening symptoms.

This Money Worries program is best suited for those looking to gain tools to understand and manage the relationship between their financial stress and mental health, gain tools to improve financial behavior, and develop coping techniques to combat financial stress and depression.

The Money Worries module has been designed to better manage the users’ relationship between financial difficulties and poor mental health.

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Money Worries Module Topics:

  • The link between Money Problems and Mental Health
  • Finding new Ways of Coping with Money Problems
  • Facing Your Financial Fears
  • Managing Worry About Money
  • Feeling More Hopeful about Money Problems
  • Keeping to a Budget

Interactive Tools Include:

  • Relaxation exercises
  • Letting Your Worries Wash Away
  • Steps I Need to Take
  • My Financial Resources
  • My Activities

Money Worries with Dr Thomas Richardson Podcast

SilverCloud® covers a wide range of topics throughout our CBTalks Podcast episodes, some of which address holistic challenges such as the link between financial difficulties and mental health conditions. In Episode 17 of our podcast, Money Worries, SilverCloud® sits down with Dr Thomas Richardson, clinical psychologist and accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, to discuss the interrelationship between mental health and financial implications. Further, in order to help individuals discover a healthy balance between the two, SilverCloud® teamed up with Dr Richardson to develop an online-based psychological intervention known as the Space from Money Worries program. Listen to Dr Richardson’s insight and guidance on using CBT to tackle the underlying patterns that link financial and mental health issues here:


Listen to our CBTalks Podcasts Series below:

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