U.S. employees are not OK right now, and they’re hiding it

training-journal-logo_0(Source: https://www.trainingjournal.com/) U.S. employees are not OK. When asked, 'how are you', 84% don’t always mean it when they say 'good' or 'fine'. More than one-third (37%) mean it less than half the time, according to SilverCloud Health’s 2021 Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Checkup, released today.

The employee insights paint a picture of a population that is hiding how they’re truly doing, and reveal opportunities for employers to take specific employee- requested actions to support the people whose performance drives their business outcomes, and whose wellbeing is the concern of any executive a team.

More than half of employees surveyed had symptoms indicating mental health support would improve their wellbeing and productivity.

“I find the requests for company empathy particularly poignant,” said psychologist Jorge E. Palacios, MD, PhD., Senior Digital Health Scientist at SilverCloud, of employee responses to the question of what employers could do to help.

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