SilverCloud Health and Cerner Collaborate to Improve Mental Health Outcomes

Integration scales access to evidence-based behavioral health care amid unprecedented demand

BOSTON, Feb. 2, 2021 – SilverCloud Health, a leading digital mental health provider, today announced that Cerner Corporation, a global health care technology company, will integrate SilverCloud’s virtual mental health platform with the Cerner electronic health records (EHR) as part of a broader collaboration. At its core, this aims to scale the delivery of evidence-based mental health treatment, lower the cost of care, and improve patient outcomes.

With the demand for mental health services increasing, many health care organizations ranging from rural community and critical access hospitals, large metro facilities to multi state health systems, are experiencing lengthy waitlists before they can begin providing services to their patients. To help increase client access to more timely therapy options, Cerner and SilverCloud Health are collaborating to allow these organizations to offer on-demand digital therapeutic care.

SilverCloud’s integration with the Cerner EHR enables clinicians to prescribe and manage a wide variety of on-demand, scientifically backed, and digitally delivered therapeutic care tailored to each individual’s behavioral health needs. The integration also provides care teams with easier access to valuable data-driven insights, such as user engagement and clinical measure scores, which ultimately drives more effective and personalized treatment paths. For patients, the integration empowers users to take an active, self-guided role in managing their mental health treatment.

“At SilverCloud Health, superior patient outcomes serve as our guiding light,” said Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud Health. “Our integration with the Cerner EHR highlights the importance of enabling access to platforms built on a scientifically grounded approach, where clinical efficacy is manifested through an evidence standards framework involving scientific studies and validations.”

The burden of untreated mental health conditions, both prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic, is significant and rapidly growing. In the United States, one in five adults experiences some type of diagnosable mental health condition each year, amounting to nearly 47 million people. Unfortunately, less than half of these individuals receive treatment due to significant barriers that exist in the current system, including high costs and a severe shortage of providers. Access to help is further complicated by the stigma surrounding mental health conditions, which frequently prevents people from getting care even when available.

“During these unprecedented times, scaling access to effective mental health care is more important than ever,” said Adam Laskey, Vice President, Strategic Growth, Cerner. “At Cerner, we believe that behavioral health solutions should help provide a seamless and personalized experience for providers and patients alike, and this collaboration with SilverCloud is a strategic complement to our industry-leading and award-winning behavioral health product portfolio.”

SilverCloud’s industry-leading platform was built on 18 years of clinical and academic research and validated by 30+ peer-reviewed studies. The platform has further been validated by several full randomized control trials as well as real-world data from over 500,000 active end users. SilverCloud builds evidence-based, personalized mental health treatment plans that ensure every patient is matched with the program and intervention that will best address their individual needs. No digital solution has been more thoroughly validated, researched and demonstrated — either in full randomized control trials or in real world results.

About SilverCloud Health

SilverCloud Health is the world’s leading digital mental health company, enabling providers, health plans and employers to deliver clinically validated digital health and therapeutic care that improves outcomes, increases access and scale while reducing costs. The company’s multi-award-winning digital mental health platform is a result of over 18 years of clinical research with leading academic institutions. Today, SilverCloud is being used by over 300 organizations globally to meet their populations’ mental health needs. Global experts have deeply validated the platform through full randomized control trials and real-world data from over 550,000 SilverCloud users. The platform continues to lead the industry with its effectiveness, engagement and range of clinical programs that encompasses the spectrum of mental health needs. Learn more at

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Matt Robbins, Matter Health