Wall Street & Dollymount Strand | From Tough Breaks to Global Leaders, Ken Cahill & Jim Joyce


(Source: https://www.healthxl.com/) “Big companies make big mistakes” Ken Cahill, CEO at SilverCloud Health, tells us during our discussion in this month’s videocast. 

Born and raised in Dublin, we learn of Ken’s passion for both technology and business in his early career. Having held senior roles early on in several multinationals including Dell, HP and Gateway as well as founding the recruitment and candidate software company ‘Candidates Direct’, Ken, like so many people on Irish soil, would find his career trajectory abruptly changed with The Great Recession. We learn of his resiliency during this period, his opportunities with the National Digital Research Centre and how his risk-taking attitude against a ‘Big Companies advice’ would lead to his position within SilverCloud, the world’s leading digital mental health platform.

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