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Employers have an opportunity to measurably impact a fairly large portion of their employee population, and their bottom lines, by making mental health resources more accessible.

U.S. employees are not OK. When asked, “how are you,” 84% don’t always mean it when they say “good” or “fine.” More than one-third (37%) mean it less than half the time.

That’s according to SilverCloud Health’s 2021 Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Checkup, which surveyed 2,141 employed Americans and analyzed their responses by the severity of their mental health symptoms.

The report shows a population that is hiding how they’re truly doing, and reveals opportunities for employers to take specific employee-requested actions to support their teams.

Read on to learn about:

  • The economic implications of having employers on the mental heath spectrum of needs
  • How mental health relates to flight risk, presenteeism, and ability to manage physical health conditions
  • Employees’ requests to employers … and why empathy is more important than money