SilverCloud Drives Patient Engagement with New Interface

Digital Mental Health Platform Designed to Better Support Patients, Improve User Experience and Outcomes, Provide Greater Insight to Payers and Providers

BOSTON, June 1, 2018 – SilverCloud Health Limited, a global provider of evidence-based online mental healthcare solutions for health systems and payers, has updated the user interface (UI) for its digital mental health platform.

The new UI design delivers more personalized care to improve engagement, care navigation and the overall patient experience. SilverCloud’s UI is visually fresh and designed to provide a purposefully calming and empathetic setting for patients, with enhanced signposting and easier access to therapeutic content and tools.

“A fast accelerating digital transformation in healthcare has led consumers to demand a superior care experience on par with other markets, and constantly challenges payers and providers to reframe how they deliver care,” said Ken Cahill, chief executive officer of Silver Cloud Health. “SilverCloud delivers clinically-validated online intervention -- including tools and content -- in ways that thoughtfully meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumers. We are constantly innovating to ensure our look, feel and experience is contemporary, useful and engaging to the patient.”

SilverCloud has put the patient and a “mobile first” strategy at the center of the platform, providing highly responsive care delivery that is unique to the mobile and clinical care needs of each patient. Additionally, it offers payers and providers a measurable record of the patient’s journey from on-boarding and clinical assessment to recovery and discharge.

“Continuous improvement of the SliverCloud platform interface and technology make it more compelling for the patient and in turn helps us to provide valuable insight to payers and providers,” said Karen Tierney, head of content and design. “We based this recent innovation on feedback from users, design best practices and a truly mobile-first approach that provides patients a consistent, supportive environment that encourages interaction with our tools.”

SilverCloud Health provides health systems with innovative and scalable mental health solutions that improve access and capacity at the provider level, addressing the national shortage of qualified mental health professionals.

“Finding resources to meet the demands for mental healthcare is an issue facing care organizations nationwide,” said Mike Anderes, chief innovation and digital health officer at the Milwaukee-based Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Health Network. “SilverCloud fits our criteria: it is evidence-based, expands the capacity of our providers to deliver responsive, timely treatment, and offers it in a way that is convenient and easily accessible for patients.”

SilverCloud’s updated UI provides patients with a supportive and rewarding online experience that also addresses the clinical delivery needs, engagement and outcomes requirements of payers and providers at all levels.

“Analytical feedback suggests SilverCloud is working just as well as more traditional methods of care,” said Raymond Luke, Manager of Behavioral Health Services, OSF Healthcare.

Learn more about SilverCloud Health’s new UI design here.

About SilverCloud Health


SilverCloud Health is a leading provider of outcomes-based online mental health and other solutions designed to increase provider capacity, lower costs and provide effective care. Developed by clinicians over 10 years, the SilverCloud Health platform provides online access to evidence-based programs addressing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress, as well as chronic conditions including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary heart disease and chronic pain. The company partners with more than 200 provider and payer organizations to deliver personalized online care for more than 170,000 patients.