Realize the benefits of digital behavioral healthcare

SilverCloud’s online behavioral health solutions lower cost of care and accelerate care provision with easy access to clinically proven, therapeutic programs for hard-to-reach student populations. SilverCloud is utilized across the care continuum with multiple care paths for treating students with mild to severe emotional health conditions. Here are five ways SilverCloud is provisioned within universities and colleges.

Improved Access & Reach

  • Quickly scale care delivery and improve student reach with online care content available when needed – accessible across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Improve point-of-care response time with immediate care access to evidence-based clinical interventions. 
  • Reduce the stigma often associated with behavioral and mental health issues by allowing students to seek help in a private, secure setting in the convenience of their home, dormitory or wherever they might be.

Optimize Care Delivery

  • Improve care economies: lower total cost of care, improve case management, increase patient throughput – optimize care delivery in terms of staff, time and money.
  • Use as waitlist care when challenged with high student demand or care staff shortages.
  • Enable qualified clinicians to provide more personal face to face time with patients that need it.

Identify Earlier and Prevent Escalation

  • Identify at-risk populations earlier & bring them into a care path quicker.
  • Prevent behavioral and mental health conditions from escalating.
  • Deliver appropriate care content and support based on specific student need and severity.

Triage & Treatment

  • Accelerate student on-boarding to appropriate care paths with online assessment and screening tools – patients can be stepped up or down to appropriate care paths during treatment.
  • Deliver online care outcomes equivalent to face-to-face therapy.
  • Dashboards provide counselors with real-time measurable results across: engagement, care utilization, delivery, outcomes and care experience.

Ongoing Care and Recovery

  • Provide digital ongoing care resources for students in recovery.
  • Ongoing recovery and care can be altered as a student’s needs change.
  • Maintain a post-treatment care channel that is always available.