Realize the Benefit of Digital Health on Access, Costs, and Outcomes in Primary Care

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Innovative Value-based Approaches to Improve Mental Health Access and Reduce Per Capita Costs

As providers transition to value-based care reimbursement models, the need to redefine care delivery and show transparent and measurable improvement of care quality, costs and patient satisfaction is paramount.

Digital care will play a critical role in helping payers and providers deliver accessible and convenient outcome based, patient-focused care to achieve value care targets. Here are 5 ways SilverCloud’s digital health platform is helping to accelerate value-based behavioral care delivery.

Transforming Care Delivery

SilverCloud continues to define and extend a new digital healthcare model to bridge the gaps that healthcare providers and patients experience when trying to access mental health care. The SilverCloud platform provides easy access to clinical, outcomes-based therapeutic care for patients across the mental healthcare spectrum including hard-to-reach and high-cost behavioral health populations, fundamentally changing the way healthcare is delivered across the care continuum. SilverCloud helps ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, which contributes to an improved patient experience, lower costs and better outcomes. Access to digital care paths may also increase patient reach, reduce readmissions and decrease network leakage.

Provide people with immediate care access to evidence-based clinical interventions to improve point-of-care response time.

Focus on the whole patient (mental & physical)

The SilverCloud platform is comprised of over 30 evidence-based behavioral health programs for sufferers of depression, anxiety and stress, as well as long-term chronic conditions, including diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic pain. These personalized, engaging and interactive programs can be delivered to address comorbid conditions that align behavior change and lifestyle elements to improve physical outcomes while addressing complex mental health issues that may be present.

Empower people to self-manage their behavioral health with engaging content, tools and supportive programs.

Improve population health management

While primary care is a gateway for patients with mental health needs, the resources available to deliver appropriate treatment and support might not be available within a primary care setting. SilverCloud’s digital health platform can dramatically improve care access and automate the triage process of care delivery for given care populations and enable health systems to focus on the patients who account for the greatest portion of care costs and require face-to-face treatment. The platform can also be used to improve early identification of at-risk patients and quickly provide an important care path to bring them into the health system’s network to receive appropriate treatment and support.

SilverCloud Health's mission is to make people healthier by providing effective, accessible and affordable behavioral healthcare opportunities, filling a massive void in the market today.

Measurable care

Key advantages of a digital health platform include the measurement and collection of real-time data that can be turned into actionable insights to help inform better decision-making. The SilverCloud platform provides quality patient intelligence regarding patient engagement, utilization, outcomes and user experience. 24/7 access improves the opportunity for patients to immediately record their thoughts and feelings without having to wait for a physical face-to-face session and extends the patient/health system relationship beyond normal working hours.

To address the rising cost of chronic conditions, health systems must find effective ways to get people to adopt healthier behaviors.

Sustainable behavior change

Health systems recognize the need to move from a reactive system that treats acute illness after the fact and address the rising care costs associated with behaviorally induced chronic conditions. It will also be vital that health systems find ways for patients to adopt healthier behaviors that can also be sustained in the long-term. The ability to provide effective behavioral and lifestyle change tools that are engaging to patients will be key to improving the overall health of care populations. SIlverCloud delivers a person-centric care approach with bespoke programs to treat multiple conditions with appropriate levels of care support which greatly improves the odds of success. The SilverCloud platform provides agile care pathways that can be deployed across access, prevention, treatment, relapse and ongoing care, thus providing constant care for the patient throughout their care journey.

Why Choose SilverCloud

  • SilverCloud is the leading provider of online mental health and behavioral healthcare solutions delivering evidence-based content, tools and supportive programs to over 220 partners
  • SilverCloud provides one platform covering many different behavioral health conditions and patient severity types to include chronic and comorbid conditions
  • Over 15 years clinical research on internet delivered therapeutic interventions
  • Full clinical Randomized Control Trials (RCT) showing outcomes equivalent to face-to-face
  • Strong research pipeline – currently 16 clinical trials in 6 countries
  • Delivers a personalized approach with customized content and appropriate levels of health coaching.
  • The platform flexes around a provider’s specific care delivery needs and clinical care pathways

Engagement and Outcomes

  • 60%+ recovery rates
  • 80% of patients complete treatment

SilverCloud Health continues to change the way behavioral healthcare is delivered enabling new ways for payers and providers to personalize therapeutic delivery to the individual patient, improving patient care and lowering health costs.

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