Driving Patient Engagement with Digital Coaches in Clinical Trials

SilverCloud Health is excited to be an invited panel speaker at the 4th Annual Mobile in Clinical Trials taking place at Boston Marriot Copley Place on September 6th. SilverCloud will join accomplished speakers from across the pharma industry for this one day event to discuss the latest progress in applying mobile/digital tools to clinical trials in terms of how, when and for what benefit.

The event is ideally located in the heart of Life Sciences in Boston, Massachusetts and will draw clinical, operational and innovative directors from Novartis, Ely Lilly, Pfizer, GSK and other pharma industry leaders. Dr. Dan Karolin, Head of Digital Medical, Informatics, and Regulatory Strategy from Pfizer returns as Program Chair for the event.

SilverCloud’s Dr. Jorge Palacios, Postdoctoral Clinical Researcher, will speak on how the use of a supported online health platform and digital coach provides a cost-effective and innovative way to amplify the treatment outcome of clinical trials, reduce drop-out rates, improve medication adherence and increase clinical cost efficiencies.

Dr. Palacios will sit among a panel chaired by Dr. Joris Van Dam, Director Project Management Planning, Strategic Projects Leader for Novartis and will drive the conversation as to why pharma should consider adopting digital coaching platforms in clinical trials and what platforms are available to providers. The discussion will offer an open forum for clinical trial leaders to discuss where in the lifecycle digital coaches are applicable and how might they implement them.  

SilverCloud Health delivers a digital behavioral health platform with a strong history of online patient engagement based on over 15 years of academic, clinical and real-world validation that provides evidence of treatment fulfilment. For pharma, SilverCloud provides patients with feedback given by digital coaches or trail supporters that is more complete and through since it does not have the time constraints with that of a face-to-face session. SilverCloud also delivers content that educates, encourages and nurtures positive behavior change and lifestyle management that is at the core to better medication adherence.

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