Design an engaging digital care strategy for mental health needs

SilverCloud delivers core propositions for Medicaid providers 

SilverCloud’s online digital behavioral health platform has redefined access to quality, outcomes-based care for hard-to-treat and high cost/high-risk behavioral health populations with an artificial intelligence engine that assesses user needs to accelerate the delivery of patient-centric programs, care and support. This ensures people receive the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, which contributes to an improved user experience, lower costs and better outcomes - key building blocks for population health management.

As a clinically proven digital care solution, SilverCloud delivers key value propositions for Medicaid providers across three core areas of care: access, triage and treatment. 


SilverCloud’s digital behavioral health platform mproves point-of-care response time with immediate care access to evidence-based clinical interventions. This allows providers to quickly scale care delivery and improve patient reach with online clinical and wellness content available when needed and accessible across all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

The platform offers providers a single source for delivering care content across many different behavioral health and chronic conditions for people with varying severities and needs, so it provides critical care paths across the care continuum with different levels of support appropriate to patient’s needs.

People can log into SilverCloud in a private, secure setting in the convenience of their home, at work or wherever they might be. This helps to reduce the stigma often associated with behavioral and mental health issues.

SilverCloud Health's mission is to make people healthier by providing effective, accessible and affordable behavioral healthcare opportunities, filling a massive void in the market today.



Medicaid providers can accelerate patient on-boarding with online assessment and screening tools to identify at-risk populations earlier & bring them into a care path quicker. This enables care organizations to deliver prevention based care for behavioral and mental health conditions so they do not escalate into more severe and costlier conditions. SilverCloud’s digital behavioral health platform empowers people with engaging content, tools and supportive programs for self-managing their behavioral and mental health.

The platform is built with an artificial intelligence engine to enable patient-centric care delivery depending on user input. This enables the right level of care and support to be delivered to patients while it also frees up qualified clinicians to provide more personal face to face care with patients that need it.

Provide people with immediate care access to evidence-based clinical interventions to improve point-of-care response time.



SilverCloud offers a full clinical intervention that can be prescribed online and delivers outcomes equivalent to face-to-face therapy. With an online stepped care model, SilverCloud improves the integration of behavioral health in primary care settings while improving quality of care with better patient engagement and collaborative care tools.

The platform quantifies critical care data that is provided to care teams with real-time measurable results across: engagement, care utilization, delivery, outcomes and care experience. With care efficiencies in terms of staff, time and money and the ability to deliver outcomes equivalent to face-to-face treatments, SilverCloud lowers the cost of total care for each patient, increases patient throughput and improves health economies.

Empower people to self-manage their behavioral health with engaging content, tools and supportive programs.


SilverCloud Health continues to change the way behavioral healthcare is delivered enabling new ways for Medicaid providers and health systems to personalize therapeutic delivery to the individual patient.


Why Choose SilverCLoud

  • SilverCloud is the leading provider of online mental health and behavioral healthcare solutions delivering evidence-based content, tools and supportive programs to over 170 health care organizations in the US and Europe.
  • SilverCloud provides one platform covering many different behavioral health conditions and patient severity types to include chronic and comorbid conditions
  • Over 15 years clinical and academic research on CCBT
  • Program modalities validated through full clinical Randomized Control Trials (RCT)
  • Strong research pipeline – currently 16 clinical trials in 6 countries
  • Delivers a personalized approach to care providing patients presenting with a wide variety of conditions and severity with content customized to their needs with appropriate levels of support.
  • The platform flexes around a provider’s specific care delivery needs and clinical care pathways