CEO, Ken Cahill, Featured in Journal of mHealth


The-Journal-of-mHealth-Logo SilverCloud Health CEO, Ken Cahill, has been featured in the July/August edition of the Journal of mHealth. In an article titled, “Driving a Global Revolution in Digital Mental Health,” Ken discusses the gaps in mental healthcare that SilverCloud aims to close as well as the platform’s ability to stand out in the crowded digital therapeutics space with evidence-based programs.

“The single most important thing is the achievement of clinically significant outcomes,” said Ken. “Demonstratable outcomes through full randomized control trials as well as real-world delivery is now being demanded by healthcare organizations, which is the result of the industry maturing and moving from seeing digital distribution as a niche to being a core part of the care continuum.”

Learn more about what Ken sees in the immediate and strategic future for SilverCloud as the world’s leading digital mental health platform on pages 4 and 5 of the magazine.