We've listened to you

Hitting access targets and delivering consistent outcomes with increasing financial and resource pressures is putting continued pressure on services, so at SilverCloud we've decided to make it easier.

We are now introducing a more cost-effective alternative by offering an unlimited Platform Licence. With the new Platform Licence, the more people that use the platform the more cost-effective it becomes through offering:

  • Fixed annual price that you can budget against for the duration of your contract
  • Access to over 30 programmes including depression, stress, anxiety, long-term conditions, sleep, money worries and resilience
  • All future programmes that are launched during the term of your contract will be available on an unlimited basis
  • Unlimited usage, allows you to automatically meet increasing access targets and incorporate digital fully into your service offering
  • Self-sign-up portal that increases digital therapy usage up to 280% whilst meeting increasing access targets
  • Unlimited training and support, including face-to-face session, e-learning platform and technical support when required
  • Access to standard marketing materials that you can tailor to your local requirements
  • All new features included during lifetime of contract, for example Apple Watch support
  • Technical setup and configuration
  • All hosting and infrastructure in secure environment covered by IS027001, NHS Information Governance Toolkit Level 2 and Cyber Essentials certification  

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